Zara Flared Sleeves Floral Top

floral flared sleeves top floral flared sleeves top floral flared sleeves top floral flared sleeves top

Outfit Details

Top & Shorts: Zara (Similars)


Hello, babes. Last week I was in Hong Kong again, the weather was still gorgeous there (about 30 degree). One thing I love the most about Hong Kong is definitely its beautiful weather, as it doesn’t really have winter. I wore this flared sleeves top from Zara I got during spring this year.  That’s when the flare trend just started, I remembered I was trying on this top in the shop, and the shop assistant asked me:’Oh, do you like this sleeves?’ I was like :’Yes! They are beautiful!’  I don’t know why I am really into the flare trend even right at the beginning. My boyfriend Tim was joking about this top as the ‘I’am like a bird’ top.. haha. Yes, I can’t lie I do feel like a bird when I wear the flared sleeves.. but.. who doesn’t want to feel like a bird.. haha. Anyway, I can’t believe it’s almost November (and I am still here showing you all summer clothes -.-). Well, there will be fall and winter clothes coming soon, I promise ! Now I need to go watch the Godfather with Tim ( I am probably the few weirdos who have never watched this classic trilogy). Hope you all have a lovely week.

Leah, xx.


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