floral print ruched top floral print ruched top floral print ruched top chanel mini pearl sandal

Outfit Details

Top: Topshop (Similar Here)

Jeans: Topshop

Sandals: Zara


Hi babes, I would like to show you this beautiful floral print ruched top I got from Topshop a while ago. I am a huge fan of vintage floral print and I really love how feminine it makes me feel. This top goes with almost anything, skirt, denim shorts and flared jeans, etc. Also,  I am so in love with those pearl sandals that you have probably been seeing everywhere throughout this summer, haha. But they are just so cute and comfortable to wear :).

A little bit about life updates, I just got back from the Netherland two days ago and I am currently focusing on my studying while I am still on leave.  Also, I have got some very sweet comments from my friends and colleagues about this blog recently. I would like to thank you for all your support encouragement as it means a lot to me! xx, Leah.



Hello there, how are you doing! Today it’s been quite productive for me so far. I have finished all the items on my today’s plan, so I have got all the afternoon and evening FREE ….So I thought I need to update my blog.  If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know that I went to Paris for 3 days with my boyfriend Tim.  I had a rather rough time since June, Tim was really sweet and decided to treat me with a little getaway holiday in Paris. This was my first time to visit Paris, I had a great time there overall. Paris is a really beautiful city and it was packed with tourists, but that’s what you get in July. When we were shopping around Champs Elysees, we went into this most beautifully decorated Abercrombie and Fitch store I have ever seen in my life. Also, the weather was really nice, not to mention the French food. My best memory was definitely the afternoon we spent just seating around Jardin des Tuileries, watching the sun goes down and not to worry about anything else. Tim’s friend Danny has also met us to show us around and he recommended us a few places for food, which all turned out amazing!  Anyway, I will definitely go back to Paris again when I had the chance! Tonight I will catch up more episodes of True Detective S2, this is officially my favourite series now. I can’t wait for the S3 to be filmed.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Leah, xx.


off shoulder ruffle sleeves off shoulder ruffle sleeves off shoulder ruffle sleeves off shoulder ruffle sleeves off shoulder ruffle sleeves


Outfit Details

Top: Zara (Similar Here)

Shorts: Zara

Sandals: H&M  (Similar Here)

Tassel Drop Earrings: Topshop (Similar Here)



Hello there, I can’t believe it’s already August and there are only like 4 months left till 2018. So recently Kenza- one of the bloggers who I have followed for years got married at the end of July, I am so so over the moon for her. Even I have never met her personally, but her blog has kept me inspired for so long, and her love story with her husband Aleks is seriously my secret relationship goal.  Her wedding photos are absolutely perfect and stunning (Click here you are interested). Yes, I am still her fan girl haha.

Anyway, I just got back from my last flight to Hong Kong before my leave! I feel so happy and sad at the same time, as this is my last leave of 2017, and there will be no more relax time after this month 🙁 weep. It was really humid and hot in Hong Kong, so I had the chance to wear this really cute off the shoulder ruffle sleeves top.  I love how beautiful and comfortable it is to wear, which instantly gives you a summer and tropical vibe.  Although the weather will be a little bit too cold to pair it with short in the UK now, this top will still pair perfectly with the skinny jeans. For my leave this time,  I need to catch up with some studying, but I will probably go to the Netherland just for a short break. Next year, I will definitely plan more holidays, I really want to visit Italy and Cuba.  Let me know where is on your travel list?

Leah, xxx.