Off Shoulder Bardot Strip Frill Summer Dress

ff shoulder strip frill summer dress

 ff shoulder strip frill summer dress  ff shoulder strip frill summer dress

ff shoulder strip frill summer dress

Outfit Details

Dress: Asos (Similar Here)

Trainers: Fred Perry

Bag: Chanel (Similar Here)


Hi, babes, it’s been 2 MONTHS since my last post, I know I know I know…I am really sorry about that…grass has probably grown out of my blog now. I have been through some tough time during the past two months with working, studying and my grandad’s funeral, etc.  Well, I would just like to let you know that  I am not abandoning this blog and I will try my best to update more frequently.  Anyway, I would like to show you this beautiful summer dress before the fall. This year is all about off shoulder and frill, I think this cute little dress pretty much sums up this trend. I am also loving my newly acquired red mini Chanel bag, which gives the whole look a perfect pop of colour. I really love this look, although my mom thinks I look like a school girl in this dress. Oh well, I want to look young forever anyway >.< haha! Wish you all have a lovely weekend!

xx Leah.


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