Sheer Black Blouse With Embroidered Collar

black blouse with embroidered collar black blouse with embroidered collar

black blouse with embroidered collar black blouse with embroidered collar

Outfit Details

Blouse: Drex Fable (Similar Here)

Skirt: Old, H&M (Similar Here)

Heeled Sandals: M&S

Hello, babes! How are you all doing? I am feeling great today! First of all, I would like to share with you more about my outfits in Hong Kong last week.  This time I am the girl in black, haha! Well, to be honest black is my favorite color. Whenever I don’t know what to wear I will always go for black. Anyway, I am really in love with this sheer black blouse with embroidered collar. This is the first time I wore this blouse after I bought it in Christmas sales last year. I wish I could have done a better job in showing you how beautiful this top is, as I think it looks more flowy in real life. Although the blouse looks very sheer, it’s not revealing at all, a cute embroidered black bralette underneath will totally be blending in with the blouse itself. Other than pairing it with a simple circle skirt, I will definitely pair it with skinny jeans or even flared jeans.

Anyway, I just got back to the UK the day before yesterday, now I am in Hong Kong again to catch a flight to China. Yes! I am finally on leave! However, for this week, I am mainly going to visit and spend more time with my granddad, who’s been hospitalised following the kidney failures since the beginning of this year. This is not an easy time for me as I have been brought up by my grandparents. On the other hand, I was lucky, despite all the disruptions that have been happening in Heathrow which caused by British Airways I.T system failure, I was lucky enough to get on the flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong. I will end this post here as I need to go to the gate now. 

Xx, Leah.


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