checked mini skirt

checked mini skirtchecked mini skirt checked mini skirt checked mini skirt checked mini skirt

Outfit Details

Checked Mini Skirt Pleated: Zara (Similar)

High Neck Jumper: Drex_Fable (Similar)

Baker Boy Hat: Ivyrevel

Good morning, my lovelies. I have been so into checked patterns this winter, so much so that I bought 3 different checked mini skirts from Zara, and this one I worn in the pictures is my favourite (unfortunately it is out of stock now).  I am not so much a ‘loud’ dresser, and I tend to stick with more classic, neutrual tones and easy-to-wear style. However, I do like a bit of pop of something in my outfits to make them more interesting, thus I love how this skirt is unevenly pleated that gives a little spice to any neutural outfits. Moving on from the skirt, I would like to give a huge shut out to this baker boy hat from Ivyrevel. I have been wearing it everywhere this winter, it just made my life so much easier in windy days (pretty much everyday in England.. haha …). This hat ran out of stock pretty fast as it took me a fair bit of time to get hold of it, so move fast if you want to get it too. That’s all from me  and I need to go to work soon (so sad my leave is over). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. xx, Leah.

Hi babes, hope you are all doing great. I just got back to the UK from China yesterday. I had a week off from work, so I went back to China to spend some time with my family. Although the weather was freezing in Hunan (my hometown), about -2 degree, but I was really happy to see all my family. In particular, my stepmom, as she is going through an extremely difficult time due to her poor health. We have been hanging out together and had a few long conversations, I have never felt that closeness with her until this week.

This year is also my sister’s final year before going to university and normally she would be in school, but I was so lucky as the school gave her a few days off due to the cold weather and the icy road condition, so we did a lot of shopping and eating out together. Since I moved to the UK, I haven’t been able to connect with my sister as much, I can’t believe how fast my sister has grown from a little girl to a young lady. This made me realise how much I have taken my family for granted and I really need to spend more time to care for them while I still got the chance.

Ghent trip

Hiya, it has been a while again. It’s almost Christmas now and I thought I really need to update my blog before 2018. I was supposed to post this way earlier, but I have been involved in a car accident so everything has been delayed at the moment.

Anyway, let’s talk about my trip to Ghent. Last month Tim was finally on leave and I had a little break from studying and work, so we had a mini trip to Ghent and then he flew to Hong Kong with me for a week. We started from the Netherland in the afternoon, and it was already dark when we arrived Ghent.  It was freezing cold and raining, and I was desperate for a toilet. I thought we were just walking into this CASTLE to borrow a toilet (no big deal haha), and here comes to the biggest surprise……Tim booked this AMAZING hotel for the night and I had NO IDEA!!! Seriously this person is the sweetest !!! I swear it is the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in, the decors are so beautiful with a stunning view of city.

Ghent trip

Ghent tripGhent trip

After we settled in our room, we went out for dinner and took a little stroll in the city. Ghent is hands down the most romantic and beautiful place I have ever been to, the city is surrounded by medieval architecture and streets. I felt like I was walking in a fairy tale or Harry Potter’s story.

Ghent trip Ghent trip

Next day, we started the day with this sweetest coffee in my life, and we pretty much spent the whole day eating and wandering around the city.  Tim also found this building on the beer bottle, haha! It was such a shame that we didn’t have enough time to stay longer in Ghent, but we said to each other we will definitely go back again ! I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in summer.

Ghent trip Ghent trip Ghent trip Ghent trip Ghent trip Ghent trip Ghent trip Ghent trip

After Ghent, Tim stayed in Hong Kong to see his family for a week and he had a hair cut to become cool again, haha. We also did a hike from Tung Chung to Big Budda, Ngong Ping. Seriously, it was the toughest hike in my life. I am extremely proud of us for completing it !

Hong Kong Hike

Before I end this post and disappear for another month again, I would like to wish whoever is reading this a very happy Christmas and New Year !!!

Off Shoulder Black Jumpsuit Off Shoulder Black Jumpsuit Off Shoulder Black Jumpsuit Off Shoulder Black Jumpsuit Off Shoulder Black Jumpsuit

Outfit Details

Hairband: Zara

Off-shoulder Jumpsuit: Unbranded (Similars)

Hello my lovelies, here I am with another summer outfit in the beginning of November. Nothing wrong with that, right? HAHA. I seriously hope you wouldn’t mind, as I only have time to take photos during my layovers in Hong Kong at the moment.  Anyway, I wore this black off shoulder jumpsuit, or playsuit?,  I will call it jumpsuit here, but correct me if I am wrong.  Well, I have a love and hate relationship with jumpsuits. Yes, they look pretty and you don’t need to worry about exposing yourself by accidents like when wearing dresses or skirts. HOWEVER, jumpsuits can be a huge pain when you need a toilet, as the only way for us ladies to do our business is to go butt naked! Ladies, admit it, we ALL have this problem with jumpsuits. Considering this huge inconvenience, I tend to stay away from them no matter how appealing and gorgeous they are. Well, in this occasion, I was not strong enough and bought this one in a local Hong Kong shop (Be aware of them Hong Kong sales persons, they know how to sell !). Well, other than the toilet problem, this jumpsuit has also failed me with the off shoulder design. As we all know, off shoulder tops tend not to stay in place on your shoulders and this one just keeps going upwards as I move. Ugh.. I had such a difficult time on that day just doing normal acitivites that require slightly raising my arms, especially the pain of constantly pulling down and fixing my clothes during the photoshoots  Other than that, this jumpsuit is very cute and I probably wouldn’t wear this one or get another one again, XD.  Aww well, enough of my rants on jumpsuits. Hope you all have a lovely week, xx, Leah.

floral flared sleeves top floral flared sleeves top floral flared sleeves top floral flared sleeves top

Outfit Details

Top & Shorts: Zara (Similars)


Hello, babes. Last week I was in Hong Kong again, the weather was still gorgeous there (about 30 degree). One thing I love the most about Hong Kong is definitely its beautiful weather, as it doesn’t really have winter. I wore this flared sleeves top from Zara I got during spring this year.  That’s when the flare trend just started, I remembered I was trying on this top in the shop, and the shop assistant asked me:’Oh, do you like this sleeves?’ I was like :’Yes! They are beautiful!’  I don’t know why I am really into the flare trend even right at the beginning. My boyfriend Tim was joking about this top as the ‘I’am like a bird’ top.. haha. Yes, I can’t lie I do feel like a bird when I wear the flared sleeves.. but.. who doesn’t want to feel like a bird.. haha. Anyway, I can’t believe it’s almost November (and I am still here showing you all summer clothes -.-). Well, there will be fall and winter clothes coming soon, I promise ! Now I need to go watch the Godfather with Tim ( I am probably the few weirdos who have never watched this classic trilogy). Hope you all have a lovely week.

Leah, xx.